Frequently Asked Questions


Some fun facts:
  1. How much production do we send out each year?  In excess of 800,000 lbs.
  2. How much weight can our trucks carry? Our trucks can carry up to 60,000 lbs each.
  3. How many kilometers do our drivers put on delivering products?  In excess of 750,000 km serving northern BC and northern AB.

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Shipping & Delivery

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Products & Services

What are the machines involved in the glass-making process?
  1. Macotec Cutting Table
  2. HHH Glass Washer
  3. HHH Glass Polishing Machine - Kodiak 10-45
  4. Miller Engineering and Manufacturing - Glass Washer

Glassopolis Fire Rated Glass Certificates

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What credentials / certifications do you have?
  1. FGIA Certified
  2. FENBC Certified
  3. UL Certified
  4. SGCC Certified
  5. Igmac Certified

Let’s Work Together

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